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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanks to everyone who picked up a flyer at Snacks tonight. Mattie Safer played some really amazing house music and it was truly an inspiration to the 1131 camp. Sure, it started off a bit rocky, but after the usual adjustment period for DJs, we can all say that we heard something special tonight.

Hope you can tune in for Billy Werner tonight at 6 O'Clock PM.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Episode 7

  1. Space Cadillac (Derrick Carter's Classic Vocal Mix) - White Lotus Society
  2. Mesmerising Luv (Shane D Vocal Mix) - U-Ness Feat Robina
  3. Play In Wonderland (Bryan Jones & Aaron Perez Remix) - Conga Squad feat. Alexia Waku
  4. Angel Love (Scott Wozniak) - Samantha James
  5. Cant Read Your Mind 2008 (Scott Wozniak) - King DK
  6. The Night (Original Mix) - Lovebirds
  7. The Horns Blow - Discochica Feat. Bear Who
  8. If You Need A Fix - Terminator X
  9. Lose Control (Todos Dub Instrumental) - Marko Militano feat Sunny Kim
  10. Le Champagne (Original Mix) - Trentemoller
  11. Sea Breeze - Shawn Ward
  12. One 2 One (Feliciano Japanese Vocal) - DJ Silva
  13. Bounce Back (Phil Weeks Remix) - YSE
  14. Mary Jane - The Hoodfellas
  15. The Number Count (Soydan) - Johnny Manzella
  16. My Fire - Silver City
  17. Love Roll - Discouraged Ones
  18. Stuff n Junk - Fabio Bacchini
  19. Sleepless Cold Nights - Nate Laurence & Scrubfish
    Tech Fo Me - Leon Fishbone
  20. Acid Digestion - DJ Sneak
  21. Acido - DJ Sneak